First Ever 2024 GMC Sierra EV

In early 2024, people should be able to purchase the brand-new pickup truck known as the GMC Sierra EV, another step in GMC's gradual expansion into electric vehicles. The Denali Edition 1, also called the EV Denali, will be the singular trim level offered for the Sierra EV. Later, more trims will appear that expand the electric truck's capabilities and options. However, by starting with the Denali name, GMC shows that it plans to make the Sierra EV a remarkable vehicle in every category, not just through the powerful electric motors.

The Sierra is meant to be a wise long-term truck, sharing platforms and many traits with the Silverado EV. Let's talk more about the EV Denali and what kinds of features and specs it will have. When the first-ever 2024 Sierra EV finally releases in the spring of 2024, be sure to find the best possible deal on your EV Denali at Uebelhor and Sons Buick GMC Vincennes.

2024 Sierra EV Exterior

The Sierra EV is aesthetically distinctive while maintaining the GMC ethos, with a sturdy front shield and chrome or machined metal surfaces expected of the Denali label. Three trim levels will be offered, and the Denali trim will appear first in the spring of 2024. The AT4, an off-roading-focused trim with an extra 2 inches of ground clearance, is planned for later in 2024. The Sierra EV Elevation will arrive in early 2025, sporting an eTrunk with power-operated hood as a standard feature.

The first-ever GMC Sierra EV Denali comes with 22-inch wheels and 33-inch tires, a luxurious contrast from the 18-inch wheels on the two upcoming models. The EV Denali Edition 1 also has skid plates, a wide air dam, cascading LED headlights with daytime running lights, and a close-off grille matching the tall, chiseled hood. Although not standard on trims besides the Elevation, the Sierra EV's front trunk will include two drains and plugs, cargo tie-downs, and up to 10 feet of storage space.

Interior Features

Subtle, not overly flashy, and made of high-quality materials, the decor of the first-ever 2024 Sierra EV follows the Denali tradition. Tinted glass, infrared, and UV glass coatings keep the cabin cozy, and a panoramic complete glass roof (not just a sunroof) is available, expanding the headroom and adding a new, open-air feel to the cabin.

Four alternative configurations are possible for a second-row seat with a 60/40 split to carry a passenger and goods. The dashboard is made of high-quality wood and incorporates a wireless charger. The 16.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system has a wide range of connectivity choices, and it complements the 11-inch digital gauge cluster.

Cab and Bed

The Sierra EV Denali will be available in only the Crew Cab body style at first, with further models possible later. It features a built-in 5-foot, 11-inch cargo bed with a spay-in liner standard on the Denali. A lockable tonneau cover is also available.

The optional MultiPro Midgate helps drivers further maximize their storage use. The maximum load floor length of this innovative tailgate is nearly 11 feet when the gate is down, and the door has additional functions, including assist handles and steps, a tailgate load stop for longer items, and more.


The Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 will come standard with a potent electric drivetrain that has front and rear electric motors. Front and rear electric drive units transmit a GM-estimated 754 horsepower and 785 lb-ft of torque to the wheels via an electric four-wheel drive system (e4WD) in Max Power mode. Fast charging up to 350 kW is available through an 800-volt DC charging upgrade. By adding this feature, your Sierra EV could regain 100 miles in approximately 10 minutes.

The advanced electric drivetrain enables the truck to speed from zero to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Thanks to the Ultium battery pack found standard in all trims, the 2024 Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 has an average range of 400 miles on a single charge.


Two of the biggest innovations on the first-ever Sierra EV are the available CrabWalk and Four-Wheel Steer functions. With the latter, front turning and maneuverability are improved by giving you full, unified steering control of all four wheels. CrabWalk, a GMC-only function that was introduced in the GMC Hummer EV Pickup, is made possible by Four-Wheel Steer. CrabWalk allows for diagonal movement of the vehicle at low speeds by turning the rear wheels at the same angle as the front wheels.

The 2024 Sierra EV Denali has a payload capability of up to 1,300 lbs and a trailering capacity of up to 9,500 lbs. Beyond more complex but useful modes like CrabWalk, you'll be able to switch in and out of different driving modes like Standard, Tow/Haul, Off-Road, Max Power, and a customizable setting called My Mode.

The regenerative braking system will also have a one-pedal driving mode. Once the driver lifts their foot off the acceleration pedal, regenerative braking energy decelerates the truck quickly. You will eventually come to a stop if you don't push the pedal again, turning the Sierra EV into a one-pedal vehicle whenever you wish.

Safety Features

This first-ever Sierra EV wouldn't be the Denali of electric vehicles without cutting-edge technology. On top of the latest advancements to come in collision prevention, available Super Cruise hands-free technology controls steering, acceleration, and braking, allowing you to remove your hands from the steering wheel. You simply must be on a mapped highway and remain conscious of the road ahead, and Super Cruise is at your disposal.

Get the First-Ever 2023 Sierra EV

Truck driving may start to look different beginning sometime in early 2024, when the GMC Sierra EV Denali is slated for its first release. As the third all-electric vehicle in GMC's lineup, this truck continues the exciting trend of accessible, market-redefining electric vehicles.

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