Benefits of OEM Parts

Genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components can help ensure that your car functions as intended for as long as you own it. Are you driving a brand-new or pre-owned vehicle in or around Vincennes, Indiana? In either case, using OEM car parts is always a good idea. The same automakers manufacturing your Buick, GMC, or other car models also make the OEM parts.

We'll discuss the benefits of using OEM components in greater detail below. Check out our guide, use our fast online ordering form, and contact us with any questions.

Why Use Genuine OEM Car Parts?

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The same automaker that made your vehicle makes the OEM parts that match your model year, trim level, and more. You can always rely on genuine Buick and GMC parts to fit and function perfectly. This makes OEM parts important for both minor accessories and major replacement components, such as your engine or suspension.

The performance and functionality of your vehicle are significantly reduced by non-OEM or aftermarket parts, even if they may be slightly less expensive. Here are some reasons you should maintain or upgrade your Buick or GMC vehicle with OEM auto parts rather than aftermarket parts:

  • Quality: Automakers make genuine OEM components specific to your car with the optimal materials and designs they can access. So, whether you need Buick parts for an Enclave or GMC parts for a Sierra 1500, you'll get components that fit precisely, reducing failure rates and performance issues.
  • Safety: Using aftermarket components for your vehicle's air bags, anti-lock brakes, and traction control systems could lower your car's safety and put you at risk. They may also not adhere to the same safety regulations as OEM components.
  • Warranty: Using aftermarket components may void your car's warranty if it is still in effect. By using genuine OEM components, you can maintain the validity of your warranty.
  • Resale value: Using genuine OEM components is likely to keep your car's resale value at its highest. Buyers are likelier to pay extra for a car with genuine OEM parts.
  • Reliable ordering: Working with an authorized dealership in Vincennes, Indiana, such as Uebelhor & Sons Buick GMC Vincennes, makes ordering genuine OEM parts simple. We can ensure that your desired Buick or GMC components suit your model.
  • Durability: Aftermarket parts risk wearing out your car more quickly than original Buick or GMC parts. They may break sooner or encourage other related parts to break or wear down more quickly.

With OEM parts, you also don't have to worry about parts not fitting quite right, a potential issue with unverified aftermarket parts sellers. Aftermarket parts are usually designed to substitute for a specific part, such as a fuel filter, for a greater variety of makes and models. These cheap alternatives fail often or quickly wear down. As a result, some aftermarket parts may even reduce fuel efficiency or worsen other performance aspects.

Buick and GMC OEM Parts Order Form

With our parts request form, you can order components online from the available inventory at our Vincennes Buick GMC dealership. To complete the form, you'll simply need to add your contact information and let us know the parts you're looking for. It would be helpful to include the component numbers if you have them. If not, the make and model of your vehicle and some details about your situation will be enough for us to get started.

Complete and send the form as soon as you're ready, and feel free to also browse our service and parts specials. Our team will contact you to discuss availability and complete an order if necessary.

Browse All Major Buick and GMC Parts

Uebelhor & Sons Buick GMC Vincennes has an almost limitless selection of components and accessories. We can also place an order for you if a specific part isn't already on hand. We staff our internal service and repair departments with Buick and GMC experts who can help you maintain your vehicle long term. Are you just looking to customize your car with Buick and GMC accessories? If so, you'll find no better place to save on OEM gear.

We provide a variety of components and accessories to ensure you have the finest driving experience possible. Check our inventory first for GM-backed ACDelco batteries or our lighting and electrical components, such as headlights, brake lights, fuses, and more. Do you need brake drums, calipers, shoes, and rotors? Or are you looking for ignition components, such as spark plugs, alternators, and various belts and hoses? For all of these, you can browse our inventory today.

We also have tires, wheels, shocks and struts, lift supports, control arms, coil springs, ball joints, automotive fluids, and windshield wiper blades. You'll even be glad you ordered your oil, cabin air, engine air, fuel, and transmission filters from Uebelhor & Sons Buick GMC Vincennes.

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We value your vehicle as much as our own, including how well your parts function and your model's long-term condition.We aim to help you return to a safe, enjoyable, like-new driving experience with GMC and Buick vehicles of any age.

You can be sure that our parts specialists will give you genuine GM components suitable for your repair or maintenance. Every car, SUV, and truck at Uebelhor & Sons Buick GMC Vincennes is of the highest caliber. This is partly because our team has the expertise and resources to keep it in superb condition and add the best available features.

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Are you seeking authentic Buick or GMC accessories or parts? Whether you're planning a DIY component installation at home or through our service department, we are here to help. Our experts are knowledgeable about every model and its potential maintenance needs. From the largest Sierra pickup trucks to the Buick Encore GX, you can rely on our staff at Uebelhor & Sons Buick GMC Vincennes to assist you in locating the right parts. To complete your order right away, get in touch with us or use our simple online order form.